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Are you an Indie Writer?

Are you an Indie Writer? A what, you ask? Well, you might be an indie writer if you self-publish. Think about your reaction when self-publishing was just mentioned. Was it positive, inquisitive, or downright negative? For some reason, opposing sides are established outright whenever self-publishing is laid on the table. One side puts up their dukes and gets ready to defend their authorship rights. The other side muses pish-posh, those self-publishing advocates are at it again.

In fact, even the connotation of the word, self-publish, draws a line in the sand. Some have abandoned the stigma altogether and declare themselves to be indie writers. Indie is short for independent, but has a rebellious ring to it, don’t you think? I’m thinking of Indiana Jones. I personally like the term for the simple reason that most folks have heard of indie movies, or indie bands, but rarely of indie writers.

Independent people like this sort of thing. It only makes sense that such persons would also like complete control over every aspect of their written works. Complete control meaning: deadlines, editing, marketing, publishing, book covers, title and chapter names, length, genre… oh, just everything. An independent author can do just about whatever she wants. However, along with that freedom comes total responsibility. Not only will she reap the lion’s share of book royalties, but she will also shoulder the full charge of success or failure for her book ventures. I can’t think of any better example of reaping what you sow. Do you think you could be an indie writer?

My latest book, WRITE, BABY, WRITE: You Can Do It! dives into the exciting world of indie writing and self publishing. I have my books at several locations, but the biggest player in the business is Amazon. In my book you can find more information on self publishing, or directly from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing-KDP (ebook publishing) or Amazon’s Createspace (Print versions). Amazon publishing tools are free to use and provide indie authors with a powerful and friendly platform to get your story into the hands of readers. You Can Do It!

Available at: Amazon ($0.99)


Foreword: Just Between Us

     Welcome to Write, Baby, Write: You Can Do It! Together we will carve a trail and delve into one of the most rewarding pastimes of a lifetime, writing. The winding path transforms the traveler as well as those who share the journey.

     Many surprises await us once inside and we don’t want to miss them. We will encounter authentic and inspiring stories exposing our vulnerabilities as we stretch to the edge of perceived boundaries and push outside our comfort zones. No stone is left unturned.

     I’m betting you are past the point of grammar and spelling exercises or you would have chosen a Writing for Dummies book instead. While “conjunction junction” has its function, this book doesn’t linger on the parts of speech. You will not find dangling modifiers or onomatopoeia references here. However, you might find yourself humming along to the old Schoolhouse Rock song as we begin our journey.

     I love a heart-to-heart chat with kindred spirits and can’t resist discussing creativity, muses, and storytelling. Along with the wiles of wordsmiths and other writer’s candy that only we can get excited about, personal experiences are shared to move you towards your next step on the writing journey. I will share what has worked for me, the tried and true, but also what I am afraid to try. Fear, writer’s block, editing, and even the ‘m’ word (marketing) will be encountered on these side excursions. These are part of the overall writer’s passage too.

     The purpose of this blog is to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Whatever writing means to you, Write, Baby, Write, is the perfect companion. The Write, Baby, Write chapters are meant to stand alone, so browse to absorb for your immediate needs and then come back for more inspiration when you reach a new point in your writing. In this Blog, I will pull out some helpful tips and words of encouragement from my book and share insights from some of our favorite authors, publishers and fellow writers!

     Reading is a luxury when we are called to write. A fellow writer can relate. Therefore, this book jumps to the meat and bones of writing with no fluff. There’s “no time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” –White Rabbit

     It’s time to write. The time is now. Stop being the deer in the headlights. Instead, stare down your fears and dare yourself to write. If you want to be a writer, declare and introduce yourself by saying, “I am a writer.” Do not clarify, justify, or downplay. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

     P.S. My hope is you will be inspired to blow the dust off the writing draft from the bottom dresser drawer, or have the courage to embark on a brand new journey to fulfill your call to write. Perhaps you need to connect with like-minded writers just to know the abnormal is actually normal. Our paths may never cross, but take comfort in knowing we are traveling the trail in one accord.

I’m always interested in other writers’ stories and journeys. I would love to hear yours! If you have an inspirational anecdote or clever quote to encourage fellow writers, please email me:

Be encouraged and challenged today! Here’s to your next book,