Shelly’s Gardens

dsc_7559 “Wake up, Honey, I got you something.” Words every wife loves to hear in the morning from her husband. I stumble to the spare bedroom to see my surprise. What could it be? I’ve been hinting for a cryptomeria-my new favorite tree which grows 30 ft. tall, surely not inside the house though.

My husband jubilantly points to the computer screen as I adjust my eyes to see my name surrounded by flowers. He built me a new website/blog:

It is so sweet! Visit the site and tell me what you think. A blog with content is in the works, but I can’t figure out how to write and garden at the same time yet. I do talk to my plants… All the pictures are from our backyard. Hopefully I’ll soon have pictures of my customers’ backyards. Turning something I love into a specialized gardening business and having a cute website to boot, what more could I ask for? (Maybe a cryptomeria).

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