WRITE, BABY, WRITE: You Can Do It! So you want to be a writer? Over eighty percent of people surveyed believe they have a book in them, yet few pursue their writing dreams. While time and talent are essential, writing and finishing a book is more than just sitting down to the daily grind. Writer’s candy dangles from paragraph to paragraph and is ripe for the picking in Write, Baby, Write. Sample delights include muse and creativity, finding your voice, keeping a word bank, the best time to write, story starters and other goodies only writers get excited about. Use the fresh strategies for your own novel-in-the-making as you glean inspiration from the greats. Famous quotes from outstanding authors are interspersed for motivation. Are you ready to complete your writing masterpiece? There were times I honestly didn’t think I had it in me. At other times, nothing could stop me from writing. In Write, Baby, Write, I leave it all on the field. Fellow writers are invited along on my personal journey as we plug through the hard stuff in order to bask in the writing bliss sure to come. You, too, will discover many “Aha!” moments of assurance that you are on the right track. This book is tailored to encourage both the beginning writer who needs a gentle push to start, and the seasoned writer suffering from a comparison syndrome. Writing and finishing a book which will outlive you can be one of life’s most fulfilling accomplishments. Now is the time to put the finishing touches on your work of art and see your writing dreams come true. For all writers and wanna-be writers, this book is for you! Available at: Amazon

TORNADO VALLEY: HUNTSVILLE’S HAVOC Touchdown! Folks in Alabama don’t know whether to cheer or run when hearing the expression. Touchdown could mean that we’ve just won another football National Championship or it could indicate that a tornado is on the ground. I could never be a storm chaser. I’m the one the storm chases. Life in the Rocket City is a thrill ride which is not for the faint of heart, this I know. So brace yourself for a front row seat on a ride through Tornado Valley! Alabama is the home of the world’s deadliest twisters, and Huntsville is in the heart of the arena. Our space history is out of this world, but our tornado history will blow you away. Available at: Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble

WHISPERED SECRETS OF THE SOUTH: MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Lions, and crooks, and ghosts, oh my! Far from an exotic movie set location, Montevallo is a quaint college town in the heart of Alabama. You won’t believe the stories from its rural past. Of course, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear anyway. Some tales are charming, some surreal, and others border on the absurd. Still, you wonder…no one could make this stuff up. Montevallo Alabama’s Whispered Secrets of the South is the first in a series of books that unravel the untold secrets of small Southern towns. From church bells, train rails, calaboose jails to ghost tales, this book reeks of wisteria, sweet tea, hospitality, and swinging porch doors. Although the stories are fictional, they are riddled with real-life histories and mysteries, but which is which? Available at: Amazon

My Big O Journey: Growing up in Owensboro, Kentucky Growing up in the Big O of Owensboro, Kentucky during the seventies was a rootin’-tootin’ time. Join me on a journey through town as we weave along the Ohio River to nostalgic places that used to be, and some yet to come. These are a few of my favorite things about Owensboro. Feel free to hum along to the sound of bluegrass music in true honky’tonk fashion and with a touch of an attitude. Grab your foot-stomping clogs and a banjo in hand. We’re going to get reacquainted with our kinfolk and land.

Big Dipper burgers and mutton with burgoo
Shiny Red Goose shoes and Farrah’s new hair-do
The Charley’s Chip truck, Harlem Globetrotters too
These were the things that we liked to do

Wax Works recordings with eight tracks and albums
Snow drifts and ice rinks and Lincoln Mall’s fountain
Lunch box with thermos, the OTS bus
These were the things that were special to us

Bluegrass and banjos, young boys with tall afros
Dancing with Maypoles and movies at Malco
Drive-ins and Sun-in and Miller’s Lake fun
These were the things that I would have done

Rash Stadium football, a fat Cabbage Patch doll
Dizzy Dave’s straight jeans, Camaros and mood rings
Regattas on river, and Dipper Dan’s cream
These were a few of my favorite things

Izod sweaters
Stick pin letters
And uniform plaids
I simply remember what Owensboro has
And then I just feel…so glad!

Available at: Amazon

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