Month: April 2015

Day of Devastation

TV CoverApril 27, 2011, a difficult day for Alabama to forget. Today marks the four year anniversary of the Day of Devastation when 62 tornadoes touched down in our state, leaving nearly 300 dead.

I met a lady who was untouched by those storms, but later, found a letter that had blown in through her screened porch door. The postmark and address was from Phil Campbell, AL-a town 75 miles away, and one that was levelled by an F5 tornado on that fateful Wednesday.

The letter was nothing much, just some country club dues that someone owed. However, the lady felt she had been sent the letter for a reason, so she drove the 1.5 hr. drive to Phil Campbell to find the addressee. She soon discovered that the person whose name was on the letter died in the F5.

The lady was touched in a small, random way. Many Alabama folks were directly touched when the random tornadoes became very personal to them. My thoughts and prayers go out today for all those victims and those still living with loss. God be with you and your families. We haven’t forgotten and we never will.

Shelly’s Gardens

dsc_7559 “Wake up, Honey, I got you something.” Words every wife loves to hear in the morning from her husband. I stumble to the spare bedroom to see my surprise. What could it be? I’ve been hinting for a cryptomeria-my new favorite tree which grows 30 ft. tall, surely not inside the house though.

My husband jubilantly points to the computer screen as I adjust my eyes to see my name surrounded by flowers. He built me a new website/blog:

It is so sweet! Visit the site and tell me what you think. A blog with content is in the works, but I can’t figure out how to write and garden at the same time yet. I do talk to my plants… All the pictures are from our backyard. Hopefully I’ll soon have pictures of my customers’ backyards. Turning something I love into a specialized gardening business and having a cute website to boot, what more could I ask for? (Maybe a cryptomeria).

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