Month: September 2014

Blog Days of Summer

When I last looked, it was eleven days, nine hours, and fifty-three seconds until autumn. Tell that to my air conditioner. There’s no sign of the heat letting up and the humidity is almost like a second skin now. We’re in ‘the dog days of summer’ and so is my blog. Wikipedia claims this time to be in July and August, but I beg to differ here in the South. More of the same sultry weather is to be expected as the muggy days drag on and on.

Tis the season to complain during this interim. We absolutely hate to wait. We’re afraid of down-time and end up wasting the in-between opportunities because they weren’t in the plan. We have a plan for the future, but we don’t have a plan for right here and now. That could actually be a good thing. Good things come to those who wait, right?

I’m trying to make some sense of this whole ‘time on my hands’ theme without copping a guilt trip. I know the movers and shakers of this world share no sympathy with me and secretly relish every chance to share war stories about all-important busyness in every season. I was once one of them, the queen of the hive, in fact.

Lately, I have found that it is a blessing not to be busy at all times. This is not to be confused with being lazy. Laziness is doing nothing when you should be doing something-the whole ‘idleness is the Devil’s workshop’ kind of thing. Believe it or not, there are some times when you’re not supposed to be doing anything. It’s called REST. Isn’t it silly to stress over rest? We strive for rest and get it, but feel guilty for enjoying it, and do our best to whittle it away until we’re finally busy again.

Doing nothing can be good for you. I believe a spectrum of opportunities exists for everyone. When we are in position at the same time that opportunities line up, we can reach up and grab those opportunities that were always there. Many times this happens when we’re in-between projects or on our way to somewhere else. We often see the lack of events as delays, even interruptions to our rhythm, instead of the opportunities that they are. Rest assured, if we are busy, we won’t see them at all.

Let’s hang in there for the dog days of summer. Change is a-coming, but it might not be today. Meanwhile, the electric meter spikes along with the heat, but let’s try to submit, if just for a day, to the rhythm of something else besides ourselves. In other words, get busy resting.

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